General Merchandise

General Merchandise

Hello from the Salem Harley-Davidson® General Merchandise Crew! We are always here to help and always on the GO, GO, GO.  The MotorClothes® team has the knowledge you need to outfit you with all of your riding needs.  When you get off the bike and are ready to show off your awesome Harley outfit, we can help with that too.  We are a full riding gear and fashion boutique in one. We appreciate your business and can't wait to help you with your new adventure.  Come see us and let us know what we can do for you!!!!  Thank you from John, Jenny, and Monica, your MotorClothes® team.

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Let us help you get the best gear that fits you perfectly!


Range Requirements

Additional Recommendations for selecting Gear

Boots/FootwearSturdy, over-the-ankle Footwear
  • Should have skid proof and oil resistant soles
  • Should cover ankles for extra support
  • Should be durable to protect from road debris & exhaust pipe heat
  • Laces that are secured or can be tucked into to eliminate catching
Long Pants, preferably Denim
  • Long Pants that cover boots when in riding position
  • Durable pants like Denim is a good choice for most conditions
  • Specially bottoms like Performance Riding Jeans, Leather pants/chaps and rain pants are also good for specific riding conditions
Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Long sleeves reacting your wrists in a riding position is a minimum recommendation
  • Make sure shirts allows range of motion for arms
  • Consider performance shirts with wicking, venting, etc... to enhance riding comfort
Recommended/Not Required
  • Jackets should fit well & be in good condition-zippers, closures, etc...
  • Lightweight body armor can be added to most riding jackets for added protection
  • There are many different jacket options including mesh, lightweight, leather or textile depending on riding conditions, and some jackets that are multi-functional
Full-Fingered Gloves
  • Gloves should fit (not too loose or tight allowing flexibility), and be in good condition
  • There are systes from fingerless & mesh for warm & heated for cold weather
  • Gloves offer many features depending on riding styles, conditions, and functionality from gel padded palms to anti-slip grips
Protective Eyewear
Eye Protection
  • Protective eyewear is ideal when not wearing a full-face helmet, to protect eyes from excessive wind and debris
  • Regular sunglasses are NOT protective eyewear
  • The right eyewear depends on riding conditions, helmet choice & styles of riding
  • Protective eyewear comes in many styles, and has many different features from anti-fog to day/night transitional lenses
Meets DOT, Snell or Local Requirements
  • A helmet meeting local area requires is recommended
  • Helmets should fit properly and be in good working condition (No cracks, etc... )
  • Helmets should be replaced every 3-4 years (sooner if dropped or in accident)
  • Helmets are available in different styles and functionalities depending on riding style, comfort, styling and conditions